Power-driven roller and chain conveyors, system Q89 for heavy goods - Q-System

Power-driven roller and chain conveyors, system Q89, heavy

This roller conveyor system is designed for handling pallets and other heavy items with an even bearing surface.

The Q89 conveyor system comprises modular standard units, e.g. non-driven and chain-driven roller conveyors, chain conveyors, cross tables, chain transfers, turntables, slat conveyors, transfer carts, lifts etc.

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Chain-Driven Roller Conveyor

Designed for handling pallets and other heavy items with an even bearing surface. The conveyor is with black-painted steel rollers with ball bearings.

The driven roller conveyor can be equipped with built-in chains to work as a 90º and 180º transfer section.

Chain Conveyor

Is used for transportation of pallets placed crosswise. The number of chains based on the goods to be handled.

Slat conveyor

This conveyor type is used when the goods to be handled are not suited for handling on roller conveyors.

Turntable with driven roller conveyor

Power Rotated Turntable

Is used to change the direction of transportation (from 10º to 270º).

Turntable with a side skirt

Driven Transfer Cart

The transfer cart is used to transfer items from one conveyor line to another.

Battery-driven Transfer Cart

As no cables are involved the automatic battery-driven transfer cart is the right choice for long down aisle runs or when the cart runs through fire walls.

The battery-driven transfer carts have their own PLC-control, which, as an option, can be linked to the production control system via a transmitter and a radio modem on the cart.

Battery-driven Transfer Cart with Driven Turntable


Automatic transfer cart which is linked to the production planning system by radio control.

The cart navigates from a line painted on the floor.

Driven Transfer Cart (loader type)

Is used to feed into and remove pallets from a multi-storage rack.

Driver-operated transfer cart with lifting function

This type is designed on the basis of the requirements of the individual customer.

The cart on the picture is equipped with two roller conveyors and a lift enabling the driver to feed into/take out goods in height 300 mm, 2.230 mm and  4.380 mm.


Is used for inlet and out-feed of goods on more storeys. Can be supplied with roller conveyor, chain conveyor and slat conveyor.

In-line pallet dispenser

The in-line pallet dispenser is for integration in a conveyor system and is therefore, customised to required function.