Non-driven roller conveyors, system Q60/63 for light items - Q-System

Non-driven roller conveyors, system Q60/63 for light items

The non-driven roller conveyor system Q60 is designed for handling items with a total weight of up to 200 kg per metre. The advance of the goods is by pushing or by gravity when the conveyor is installed with a fall of 2-5 per cent.

Conveyor With All-Way-Rollers or Skate Wheels

Is used for transportation of light items e.g. plastic or cardboard boxes.

Manual Gate

Manual Gate. To provide the possibility of passing through a conveyor system.

Roller Conveyor Curve/Curve with Skate Wheels

The non-driven curve, available in 30º, 45º, 60º and 90º, can be supplied with double or conical rollers. Alternatively with PVC or steel wheels.


For transportation of items from two conveyors into one conveyor.

Turn Section

Is used as a turntable or as a transfer unit. The turn section is available with all-way-rollers and balls.

Non-Driven Roller Conveyor

With adjustable height and brackets for an oblique position of the conveyor. The conveyor is supplied with ø50 mm steel rollers with ball bearings or PVC rollers with nylon or ball bearings.