Cord-driven roller conveyors, system Q67 for light items - Q-System

Cord-driven roller conveyors, system Q67 for light items

The driven roller conveyor system Q67 is designed for handling light items. The system comprises among other things roller conveyors with cord-driven steel rollers, curves, turntables, pushers, mill turners, strap conveyors and transfer units.

The standard components of the Q67 roller conveyor system create the basis for the usually customized conveyor system.

See some of the Q67 units below:

Cord-Driven Roller Conveyor

Is used for transportation of items with a total weight of up to 200 kg per metre.

Roller Conveyor Curve

The curve is supplied with either conical or double rollers.

Availabl as  45°, 90° und 180° curve.

Chain conveyor

Strap Conveyor

with driven roller conveyors with a built-in angle transfer.


Is used for changing the direction of transport (from 10º to 270º) and for a 180º turn of items.

Angle transfer by toothed belt

In this case in combination with a turn table.

Single Sheet Turning Unit

For turning single sheets cross/lengthwise or alternatively length/crosswise.

Vertical Lift

Is used for automatic feeding and removal of goods from more levels. With roller, chain or slat conveyor.