Belt conveyors, system Q76 - Q-System

Belt conveyors, system Q76

The Q76 belt conveyor system comprises different types of belt conveyors and sorting belts developed to meet various handling needs. The conveyors are used in e.g. the furniture industry, in laundries, libraries, printing houses for waste paper etc.

The Q76 system comprises curves and horizontal and inclined belts for light, medium-heavy and heavy goods. The customized conveyor solutions are designed on the basis of these standard units.

Below you will see examples of different belt conveyors.

Belt Conveyor wide model

Belt conveyor with side guide

Combination of inclined and horizontal conveyors and curves


Turntable with Belt Conveyor

Inclined conveyor with carriers

Here shown with candles.

Packaging belt

Sorting belt

Sorting Belt installed at a hospital laundry