- Q-System

On Q-System

A medium-sized, 100 per cent independent and financially very solid enterprise with committed and experienced employees: That's Q-System in brief.

We at Q-System have more than 50 years' experience in designing and supplying materials handling systems for all areas of production – and for all lines of business. We do not concentrate solely on your specific requirements here and now; we also go into the flow of materials before and after the actual section you want rationalised.

This requires a close dialogue with you for us to know the specific conditions applying to your production – variables that must be taken into consideration for the design of the overall materials handling solution.

We Are the Safe Choise
Who has not bought from a supplier who later closed down? Q-System has supplied sturdy, up-to-date materials handling solutions for more than fifty years, and we intend to go on. But we cannot be everywhere.

Therefore, we have a network of excellent partners nationally and internationally, who provide the same high level of advice to new customers, and service to the users of our systems as we do in Q-System.